May 26, 2019 Results

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              COLUMBUS, MS – Wil Herrington of Hawkinsville, GA made his second visit to Magnolia Motor Speedway pay off to the tune of $2,000 after winning the Salute To The Army National Guard 40 for the Durrence Layne Dirt Late Model Series on Sunday night. Herrington held off two competitors in tight quarters to lead all 40 laps in the Middle Georgia Roofing CVR.

              Friday night’s Salute To The Armed Forces winner, defending National Champion Ashton Winger of Hampton, GA challenged Herrington for the lead on lap 39 in turn three. There was contact, Winger spun his Johnny Doan Plumbing Rocket, and Herrington drove away. 
              Herrington then held off Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series point leader Jake Knowles of Rome, GA to take the win in an entertaining race on the “Black Ice” surface of Magnolia Motor Speedway.

              “My Dad brought me here to watch a race when I was about ten-years-old, and when I started racing, I always wanted to race here,” Herrington said. “This was the first time I’ve raced here, and I like it as much as a driver, as I did as a ten-year-old. This Black Ice is slick – very slick – but I like it! Ashton and I had a good race going, and I hated that it ended the way it did for him.”

              In addition to the win, Herrington was also the Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Race, and for keeping his car going in the tangle with Winger, Herrington took the VP Racing Lubricants Slick Move of the Race Award. Herrington was also the Fast Qualifier in the second group of Boyd Bilt Fabricators Group Qualifying.

              Knowles finished second in the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Special, and Oakley Johns of Hohenwald, TN was third in the Johns Timber Special. Justin McRee of Woodstock, AL took the fourth spot in the High Roller Race Car Special. 

              Braden Mitchell of Russellville, AL started 18th in the Sparks Energy Rocket and finished fifth to take the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Hard Charger of the Race Award. Spencer Hughes of Meridian, MS was sixth in the B.J.’s Tire and Service Center Special, and Cruz Skinner of Oxford, MS drove the Skinner’s Body Shop Rocket to the Fullmoon Graphics Lucky 7 Award.

              The defending Durrence Layne Weekly Racing Series Late Model National Champion Evan Ellis of Plantersville, MS finished eighth in the Ellis Welding Special and Tyler Wood of Hohenwald, TN was ninth in the Johns Timber Special. Randall Beckwith of Kilmichael, MS rounded out the top ten in the Beckwith Racing Rocket.

              In preliminary action, Austin Franklin of Montevallo, AL drove the Franklin Enterprises Special to Boyd Bilt Fabricators Fast Time honors in Group Qualifying with a lap around Magnolia Motor Speedway in 14.611 seconds. The three KRC Power Steering B-Main Races were won by Winger, Hughes, and Beckwith.

              Herrington took the lead at the drop of the green flag from his outside front row starting spot followed by Franklin, Wood, Knowles and Winger. Matt Brazil of Red Bay, AL dropped out of the race on the first lap in the Mid-America Roofing Rocket to earn the Keyser Manufacturing Hard Luck Award.

              Franklin began to drop back in the field during the opening laps, as Knowles passed Wood for second on lap three. Herrington had pulled out to an eight car-length advantage by lap five with Knowles, Winger, Wood, and Hughes giving chase.

              The first of three caution flags came out on lap ten when T.J. Brittain of Centre, AL spun the Brittain Hauling Warrior in turn four. Brittain was done for the night, while Herrington got ready for the Dixie-Style Double-File Restart with Knowles choosing the outside in second. Doubling up in third through fifth respectively were Winger, Wood, and Hughes.

              Winger pushed the aggressive button for the restart, as he threw a wicked slide job pass on Knowles in turn fourth to take over the second spot. Johns was the guy that came from out of nowhere to move up to the sixth spot on lap 14. Winger closed in on Herrington and was beginning to mount a challenge for the lead at the halfway point.

              The crossed flags were replaced by the yellow flag on lap 21 when David Kay of Munford, AL slowed in the Advantage Plus Excavating Special down the front straightaway. The top ten for the halfway point double-file restart was Herrington, Winger, Knowles, Hughes, McRee, Wood, Johns, Skinner, Ellis, and Beckwith.

              Knowles passed Winger for second on the restart with an inside move and McRee got by Hughes for fourth on lap 22. Johns passed Hughes for fifth on lap 25, and Herrington caught lapped traffic on lap 29 as the intensity level of the race picked up to hair-raising-on-the-back-of-your-neck. 
            With ten laps to go, Herrington had company with Winger and Knowles racing side-by-side a car-length behind him. Winger cleared Knowles on lap 32, and the Champ set sail for Herrington. Winger got a big run on Herrington going down the backstretch on lap 39. When Winger tried to make an aggressive move for the lead and the win in turn three, it didn’t work out for him.
            There was contact between Herrington and Winger, causing Winger to spin in turn four, and Herrington continued on. The white flag was pulled for the caution flag, and the field set up for a single-file green-white-checkered finish. Winger went to for a checkers or wreckers move, leaving nothing on the table.
            Herrington led Knowles, McRee, Johns, Skinner, Mitchell, Hughes, Ellis, Wood and Beckwith down to the green flag. Knowles tried to get a run on Herrington, but it was unsuccessful. Herrington pulled away in the final two laps to take a 1.079 second margin of victory under the checkered flag.
            The next event for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series will be on June 29 at historic Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN for a $2,500-to-win, 50-lap race.

            For more information and rules about the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site at, or visit the series on Facebook at Durrence Layne Racing. You can follow us on Twitter @DurrenceLayneRacing.


POS      STRT   CAR #  DRIVER                            HOMETOWN                  LAPS    $ WON
1.           2            14          Wil Herrington (R)        Hawkinsville, GA            40          $2,000
2.           3            66          Jake Knowles                  Rome, GA                         40          $1,000
3.           11          C6         Oakley Johns                   Hohenwald, TN                40          $700
4.           10          F44       Justin McRee                   Woodstock, GA               40          $550
5.           18          64          Braden Mitchell                             Russellville, AL               40          $500
6.           6            11h       Spencer Hughes               Meridian, MS                   40          $425
7.           8            11          Cruz Skinner (R)            Oxford, AL                       40          $375
8.           15          73          Evan Ellis                         Plantersville, MS            40          $350
9.           4            17jr      Tyler Wood                      Hohenwald, TN                40          $325
10.         7            84          Randall Beckwith           Kilmichael, MS                40          $300
11.         9            2s          Jeremy Shaw                   Millport, AL                     40          $275
12.         16          19          Marcus Minga                 Shannon, MS                    40          $250
13.         13          87          Jake Rainey (R-YG)      Hiram, GA                        40          $225
14.         20          25          Robbie Starnes                Dayton, TX                       40          $200
15.         14          33          Sid Scarbrough                Florence, MS                    39          $200
16.         1            22          Austin Franklin               Montevallo, AL               39          $200
17.         17          72          Steve Russell                    Pontotoc, MS                   39          $200
18.         5            9            Ashton Winger                Hampton, GA                   38          $200
19.         22          1            Jason Markewitz            Killen, AL                         25          $200
20.         19          K5         David Kay                        Munford, AL                    20          $200
21.         21          72x       Chase Washington          Tupelo, MS                       13          $200
22.         12          J8          Jadon Frame (R)             Decherd, TN                     9            $200
23.         23          05          T.J. Brittain                     Centre, AL                        9            $200
24.         24          81          Matt Brazil                      Red Bay, AL                     1            $200

BOYD BILT FAST QUALIFIER: A. Franklin, 14.610 Seconds
PROVISIONALS: Brittain and Brazil
LAP LEADERS: Herrington, 1-40
KNOWLES RACE PARTS HARD CHARGER: Mitchell (started 18th and finished 5th)
KRC HEAT RACE WINNER AWARD: Winger, Hughes, and Beckwith
MARGIN OF VICTORY: 1.079 Seconds
TIME OF THE RACE: 22 Minutes, and 57.259 Seconds

Sportsman Late Models: A-MAIN
1) 46 Bryson Mitchell
2) 18 Michael L Pickard
3) 8 Zack Owens
4) 29 Buddy George
5) 89 Kirk Atkins
6) 83 Eric Cooley
7) 96 Trey Rickman
8) 87 Tody Ratcliff
9) 59 Russ Brasel
10) 57 Corey Pennington
11) 63 Joey McKinney
12) 33 Colton Leyendecker
13) 6 Dalton Hood
14) 02 Jc Wilson
15) 22 Chance Landers
16) 77M Morgen Lambert
17) 20 Victoria Purcell
18) M50 Allen Simmons
19) 54 Chace Pennington
20) 14 Cruz Wallace
21) 16 Heather Lowe
22) 6W Chris Wood
23) 54C Richard Cox
24) 80 Michael Blakeney

Sportsman Late Models: B-MAIN 1
1) 87 Tody Ratcliff
2) 54C Richard Cox
3) 80 Michael Blakeney
4) 15X Roman Ponds
5) 12 Randy Fowler
6) 8 Chance Henson
7) 14 Gary Jones
999) 4 Brian Hollis
999) 5 Caleb Pickard

Sportsman Late Models: B-MAIN 2
1) 77M Morgen Lambert
2) 54 Chace Pennington
3) 83 Eric Cooley
4) 95 Wiley Williams
5) 51 Colby Ponds
6) 27 Matt Grable
7) 7 David Henson
999) 19 Mike Ross
999) 3 Tony Shelton

Sportsman Late Models: B-MAIN 3
1) 14 Cruz Wallace
2) 22 Chance Landers
3) 20 Victoria Purcell
4) 25 Dawson Simpson
5) 25 Tyler Moak
6) 7 Jeremy Reedwood
7) 8 Trace Armstrong
999) 21 Jamie Pickard

Street Stocks: A-MAIN
1) 99 Bryan Fortner
2) K1 Dewayne Estes
3) 2 Lee Ray
4) 5 Jason Hollis
5) 14 Ben Keith
6) 41M Hayden Moran
7) 11J Jamie Sudduth
8) 24 Mark Thorne
9) 5B Brandon Hardin
10) 4 Jason Byrd
11) KC1 Kash Wilson
12) 82 Brad Wier
13) 7 Clint Johnson
14) 22 Brandon Hill
15) 8 Dustin Dupler
16) 444 Brooks Strength
17) 18 Austin Moye

Hot Shots: A-MAIN
1) K9 Joey Wray
2) 17 Cody Wellington
3) 09 Kody Love
4) 4 Shauna Browning

Super Late Models: A-MAIN
1) 90 Brian Rickman
2) 54 Dane Dacus
3) K3 Bub McCool
4) 86 Rick Rickman
5) 327 Jamie Tollison
6) 3 Shay Knight
7) 232 Jamey Boland
8) 2S Kyle Shaw
9) G4 Shelby Sheedy
10) A8 Austin Arnold
11) 2 Mark Stokes
12) 13 Chad McCool
13) 02 Jc Wilson

Factory Stocks: A-MAIN
1) K7 Josh Holbrook
2) 3 Blake McNeill
3) 2 Lee Ray
4) 4 John Johnson
5) 22 John A Beard Jr
6) 33 Cody Chism
7) L1 Lucas Horton
8) 4 Trey Bright
9) 14 Aidan Fletcher
10) 77 Brandon Whitley
11) 24 Alex Johnson
12) 3B Jason Bridges
13) 83 Shane Burns
14) 1 Glenn Baldwin
15) 10 Donny Wooten
16) 06 Tommy Fowler
17) 13 Shane Bradford
18) 47 Daniel Wiggins
19) 00 Jay Dowden
20) 26 Heath Beard
999) 63 JR Card
999) 11 John Reed